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• We Price Match Every Lens Price • 1 Hour service (In most cases)
• Latest Fashion Eyewear & Sunglasses • No Hidden Fees
• Sports, Safety Eyewear • Leading Edge Technology
• Contact Lenses • 2 Year warranty on Frames and Lenses
Quality One-on-One Service • Highly recommended
• Large Selection of affordable fashion • Wide Variety
• Licensed Optician • Experienced Fashion Consultant
• European Trained Over 40 years of optical experience
• Free Adjustments and Cleanings Specialty Eyewear
smarteyes! does not feature expensive brand names. Why? Because more important than a "big name" is the quality of your frame. The brand licensing can add up to 50% to the cost of the frame. That's not smart. At smarteyes! you don't pay these fees. Elsewhere you can find comparable frames for over $200.00 You will never find discontinued frames at smarteyes!
80 years ago, available lenses were limited to Single Vision, Bifocal and Trifocal lenses. For the proper fit the optician only needed 2 measurements. Today you can find lenses customized to almost all your visual needs which require 7 or more different measurements taken off a perfectly adjusted frame.

The goal at smarteyes! is to provide you with the right lenses, based on your needs, wishes, surroundings and circumstances. That is where smartanalyze! comes in. The moment you enter the office the analysis starts by observing your posture while you walk and while you are seated. I will ask a lot of questions. The information is needed to make the perfect recommendations.

Even the best lens at the lowest price makes no sense if the frame and lenses are not customized to your needs.

One of the most important procedures when you get new glasses is the frame adjustment and the lens fitting. At smarteyes! it is called smartfit! Why is this so important? Your glasses are an optical system. Your frame keeps your lenses in the right position in front of your eyes. If this alignment is not precise you don't get the best vision out of your glasses. Do you know what can happen if your frame is not fit correctly and/or the optical center of your lenses is not in the right position in front of your eyes? This can lead to EYE Strain and or Asthenopia. It can have a negative impact on your vision, which, for example, can be dangerous driving a car.

If somebody takes measurements for your lenses without having adjusted the frame, you should know something is wrong. At smarteyes! being "European trained" your frame will always be adjusted for a comfortable fit before taking the measurements.

An educated choice will be made between two electronic devices . One is called i.Terminal and is manufactured by Carl Zeiss. Zeiss is one of the greatest lens manufactures and based in Germany operating also in Canada out of Toronto, ON.

The second device is called OPTIKAM. The OPTIKAM is one of the most sophisticated electronic measurement devises in the optical industry. I was heavily involved in the launch of this device for a major optical chain in Canada.

The smartwarranty! is simple and fair. The smartwarranty! starts when you pick up your glasses. It's a 2 year warranty. Anything that is not caused by improper handling, is covered by the smartwarranty! Manufacturer's defects are covered for 2 years. In case your prescription is not correct or has changed you might have to contact your Optometrist or the person who finalized the prescription. smarteyes! and the suppliers will always try to find the perfect solution for you.
Direct Billing!

eyes! is set up for direct billing and happy to submit your requests for your extended medical care.
If you are a member of one of these health care providers, with your account information your request can be submitted on the spot.
When you purchase your eyewear from smarteyes! you have a
commitment to your satisfaction. The workmanship is guaranteed!
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